Diflubenzuron 25%WP

Agrochemical Specification replaced: APR. 2015

Diflubenzuron 25% WP is a fine, light beige powder, after mixing with water in a specific concentration if forms a suspension, which can be sprayed, it contains the active ingredient Diflubenzuron

  • Chemical name1-(4-chlorophenyl)-3-(2,6-difluorobenzoyl)urea
  • Common nameDiflubenzuron
  • Empirical formulaC14H9ClFN2O2
  • Molar mass310.7
  • Odourcharacteristic odour
  • AppearanceOff-white powder

  • Structural formula

Stabile for 24 month in unopened original packing at <28℃ and exclusion of sunlight.

Technical demands
Purity 25% min
Suspensibility 70% min
PH value 5.0-8.5
Wetting time 60 S max
Moisture 2.0% max
Persistant foam 25ml max
Wet sieve test min. 98% through 400 mesh
Appearance off-white powder
Packing and transport information


Packing type




Packing material

Aluminum foil, PE and PET

Fibre paper

Bag or drum size (cm)



¢43×60 H

Carton size(cm)


20 bags /carton

44×34×25 H

10 bags/carton


1FCL20# without pallet



7 mt

1FCL20# with  pallet




Transport: General chemicals or Class 6.1 UN No. 2588 Packing group: Ⅲ
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