Innovative concept


Suli has a very experienced R&D team composed of DC, master, bachelor, advanced R&D Labs and pilot plants. Suli follows international marketing guidance, relies on the continuous improvement of science and technology, gives full play to its strengths, in order to provide more and more qualified products and first-class services to customers globally, and is willing to cooperate with friends from all circles for mutual development.
For now, Suli had applied 125 patents and authorized for 90, of which 26 patents are innovation patents. Suli holds international advanced chlorination, ammonia oxidation and bromination technology. Through continuous optimization, Suli became China's largest R&D and production base of chlorothalonil, DBDPE series products.

Pesticide Formulation R & D CENTER

According to the domestic and foreign application information about pesticides and plant protection technology, screen and reserves for new forms and new varieties; carry out research and develop process of solid formulations (wettable powder, water dispersible granules, dry suspension concentrate etc.) and liquid formulations (suspension concentrate, suspension concentrate for seed coating, emulsion in water etc.); provide product information of pesticides, expand OEM business; foreign technical collaboration and communication, especially the application of domestic and foreign advanced additives.

Chemical synthesis R & D CENTER

The center has accumulated rich experience in synthesis method design, research and development, process optimization and large-scale production. The synthesis technology of chlorination, bromination, oxidation of ammonia and other products as the basis, including the optimization of synthesis technology and production of small scale laboratory to tons of products to customers; and for the domestic and international chemical industry, pesticide research and service enterprises, to provide high quality custom synthesis and customization services and process development and optimization chemical intermediates custom service etc..

Flame retardant application R&D Center

Dedicated to the design and development of new environmental-friendly flame retardants, especially for design and development of phosphorus flame retardants, nitrogen flame retardants and intumescent flame retardant. And test their flame retardance in different fields and applications, and provide customers with efficient and low cost formula as much as possible. R & D centers have gained a lot of experience in the synthesis and application of flame retardants, such as plastics, fabrics, transportation and constructions.

The pharmaceutical intermediates R&D Center

located in Shanghai Zhangjiang Yaogu, experimental device can meet with acyl chlorination, sulfonation, amination and hydrogenation, chlorination, diazotization and other organic reactions, also equipped with many sets of HPLC, GC, UV-vis, melting point apparatus, moisture analyzer detecting instrument. Provide route design, process optimization to pilot production of "one-stop" service, and serve customers with "grams" to "kg" level products. Good laboratory hardware and standardized operation will ensure the safety development and quality of most intermediates.